August 23rd, 2006


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Hellos! =D

I recently joined this community to share my love for Arashi with everybody xD
I'm still a relatively new convert that recently fell in love with them by watching their baka antics on youtube. =P A no Arashi is probably my favourite. lol xD Aiba-kun is such a dumb dumb sometimes with the weird experiments he comes up. <3 heh XD

Anyways I really wanna contribute to the community but since my japanese sucks, translation/fansubs are out. =( So I thought for a little while and wondered if any of you people have video ipods. Because if you do, I recently converted a few of my G no Arashi + Mago mago episodes so that I can watch my favourite boys when I'm commuting to school. 

So if anybody wants the converted videos, please let me know. =D They're in mp4 format and I don't mind uploading them for everybody to use too. <3

wheeeeeeee \o/ 
Arashi -love. heh xD

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