September 3rd, 2006

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hi minna ^^

just wanna post some interesting findings i've found while browsing for the latest clips at youtube
2006.09.01 News - Arashi Natsu Con 
contents: the picture quality is not that great but we can see the boys in action 
Junstyle 2006.09.02
contents: please go to for the translations
he talks about listening to Deftech, what he wants for birthday...
& pontianak* wailing in his ears during Caramel Song performance
Aiba also did mentioned about hearing the eerie female laugh in Ura Arashi
He included Nino in list of members who "see" the spirit.....
Edit: There's also translation on the 2nd part of Junstyle.
Jun talks about the next GnoArashi...something about filling a whole pool wit jelly (???)
didn't mention about Q no Arashi or the ending of GnA tho' (were wishing the baby might leak...)

* pontianak = vengeful female ghost, banshee, vampire

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