September 4th, 2006


Arashi - Here we Go! [2nd Album]

I dunno if anyone needs this, but I'm kinda useless usually 'cos I don't upload much so I thought I'd upload Arashi's 2nd album, as it's harder to get hold of than their newer albums:

01. Theme of Arashi
02. Easy Crazy Break Down
03. 君は少しも悪くない
04. Tokyo Lovers Tune Night
05. a Day in Our Life
06. ALL or NOTHING(ヴァージョン1.02)
07. 眠らないカラダ
08. 君はいないから
09. IROあせないで
10. 愛してると言えない
11. 星のFreeWay
12. いま愛を語ろう
13. WOW!!
14. ナイスな心意気

Larger Scans of the Cover: Here and Here

Please...if you can, support Arashi by buying the CD. (Not to boast or anything, but I spent about £40 on this CD. So even if it cost's you more than if you were to buy a CD from your local store, it's worth it. Take it from someone who knows! ^^)

If you want to post any of the links somewhere else, feel free to do so. (^__^)V (Although crediting me would be rather nice =P )
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Arashi mp4/Ipod videos =D

My darling savefile has gotten its act together and is working fine now <3 Yay! \o/ !!!

Oh! And because sexy matsujun's birthday just passed a while ago, I have a little present for all matsujun's fans! =D I encoded his solo performance (La Familia) for the Iza Now 2004 concert. =D Now you can enjoy a little bit of MatsuJun goodness on the go! =P

Here you go! Enjoy! Wheeeee~ <3

Follow the fake cut =P

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News: Letters from Iwo Jima

Letters from Iwo Jima might have a US release on December. 
There's also mentioned a possible screening for both Flags of Our Fathers & Tegami this October for the Tokyo Film Festival 
(mmm... is it the same film festival where there'll gonna be screenings of Jun's & Sho's movies?... not sure what movies...not sure bout the facts.. can somebody confirm this?)

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