September 19th, 2006

[teen wolf] tattoo

Ohno screencap request

I have a bit of a problem, and I wish someone could help me.

I need screencaps of Ohno's solo from the Iza, Now DVD as big and good quality as possible. -_- I am far away from my own computer and my DVDs, so now I'm going to shamelessly request that someone caps it.

I'd really prefer caps from the actual DVD, not some reduced quality avi file you might have on your computer. (It is for a graphic assignment.) But I'm getting desperate, so anything will do. D:

more arashi clips

from utube ><
a) tw tw con news (w/ other unseen parts of the con):

b) fan cam! keke (jap con... i think... from reports i've seen, the guys sang WISH KITTO DAIJOUBU (keke~ forgive me!) in pink in jap con, not in tw):

c) but did the guys sang BLUE in jap con? i don't remember... i know they did in tw!:

correct me if i didn't get any of the clips matched w/ the correct con!~ SO MANY SHOWS!~ keke~
based on chesuto 's fanreport, i'm pretty sure CLIP C is from taiwan!~