September 30th, 2006

OHNO - chu
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My new icons. Something spetial ^_^ Part II

It's part II of my 90_icon_collection))) (part I you can find here)This time it's Choosing You (Typhoon Generation: Nino, Ohno and Matsujun), I miss somebody (Aiba, Ohno, Nino, Sho) he-he, about that section: last time I stuck with song I want somebody, but every time when "I need somebody" line goes, I hear "I miss somebody", so... and Why do people wish on shooting stars? (Nino)


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***Broken-hearts***Cry out...cry...Thai ARASHI fan....

When I was about to go to sleep, my friend called me and told me the WORST NEWS I ever had during this period....

She told me that....ARASHI have canceled their concert in Thailand! I'm now very heart-broken...since I've just had a final decision one day after the Reformation in Thailand that I would buy the 3,000bahts (=$110) ticket to this concert....(As I dared begging my parents for this big amount of see real ARASHI...........I've never done such a thing...Never....*cries...)

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