October 9th, 2006

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Hi, I'm kinda a lurker around here ^^;;; but I have a question about the Arashic album...

Over at yesasia there are some limited editions which have either a '32page-photobook' or a 'DVD edition'. I'm just wondering if those two are all included in the limited edition or they're totally separate versions because they're like the Korean version or the Hong Kong version or the Japan version. I want to get the limited edition but I'm just slightly confused at what is in the limited edition.

Thanks for helping a confused fangirl in advance!
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Jun for me

lets vote for Arashi

Just a small reminder that you can vote for Arashi here: http://www.kashu-navi.com/
it's impertant to vote for them they were place in 4th place a few days ago but now they went down to place 7 so lets support Arashi and make them go back up in the list!!! (you can vote once an hour)

If you don't know how to vote on this site

This is the section you have to click:

A 集計月:10月
 川嶋 あい

It's the top right section for voting for the Artist (A) you click on the >>TOP4~50 part to go vote and then you select: 嵐

^^ lets make Arashi go in the top 3 ok ^^
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Has anybody ripped the "La Tormenta 2004" perf from the Arashic DVD as an mp3 format?

I'm a weird collector of these things and I was hoping to get it, especially since Ohno gets to rap about himself and the entire thing is typical-Arashi adorable.

And I'm always open for trades if that's how it plays out? =D?
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Tour pamphlet scans are my favorite thing EVER. I had 74 images to work with this time (I forget who posted these, tell me so I can give you credit!) and ended up with 40 icons (plus 3 random Matsujun icons I've made recently) Hope you enjoy them. As usual, read the RULES before taking any icons.

-06 Aiba
-10 Matsujun
-06 Nino
-06 Ohno
-07 Sho
-08 other