October 18th, 2006


Arashi Layout

As I've got nothing better to do while I'm ill (other than watching Arashi shows & concerts) I went about making an Arashi LJ Layout. It's not the best I've made, but then I am ill, so I didn't have enough energy to spend ages on it. =P

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find more of my layouts at yume_designs
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Squishie Nino

Sho's blog

Hiya ^_^ D.T. here! I'm back after months of hiatus; no one probably remembers me, lol. Ah no matter XD Just wanted to let you know that I'm translating Sakurai Sho's blog and posting it up on my LJ! Just click on my username ^_^ Sho writes a lot about politics, lol. I've only just begun so I'm a bit behind on his posts, but I will catch up! ^O^

For those who don't know why Sho has a blog: Sho recently became a newscaster on NTV's "News Zero" news show where he discusses polictics, economics and whatnot (we all know he's smart ^_~) so they gave him a blog on the News Zero site ^O^ You can see his blog here:

So yeah, check out my LJ if you're interested in seeing what he has to say to us fans! XDDD
OHNO - chu
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New icons)))

New avatars!!)) Mite-mite)))
Today it's collection from Shonen-club clip, where all arashi members acting small story about Ma-chan))) + some Nice no kokoro iki icons + two Nino's new icons in different samples))))) + Caramel Song perf


find more under fake cut))) )

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