October 31st, 2006


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NTV Best Artist

Vote for Arashi to perform in the Best Artist this year.

How to fill in the form:

1 - Enter song title (I think this year it's either きっと大丈夫 or アオゾラペダル)

2 - Enter group name (嵐 of course)

3 - Write a note why you choose the song (Example: It reminds me so much of the time Ohchan proposed to me in the kitchen when I scolded him for picking the wrong knife)

4 - Choose your age range & sex (男 for male, 女 for female - sorry no in between)

5 - Submit application

Successful application will receive this message: "ご応募ありがとうございました。" and when you press the button, it will CLOSE the window.

The show is scheduled for 29 November (Wed) this year.

I just voted for きっと大丈夫. In previous years, they have done medleys of their songs before - I hope we can get that this year.

Happy voting!

i think you can vote more than once right?