November 5th, 2006

sleeping sho

Duet dec issue. TRANSLATION!!!! (but only part two sorry)

hello again!

just here posting the tranlation of duet december issue.. arashi section of course!!

they guys are so funny, they get along so well.....
i'm sorry but i was only able to get hold of part 2 of the interview but it is still really funny. if n e one knows where i can get hold of scans from other mags i will translate them...

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ps remember requests are welcome!
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nino's trailer trans

translation of trailer for iwo jima as requested by aishoni

i cute out the bit at the end cos its not that interesting and no nino....but i tried my best with the translating..its hard when the video wont stop and you are trying to type at the same time...but however many times i watch the trailer , it just makes me want to watch it more,...

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