November 11th, 2006

is johnny trying to kill our boys?

anybody remember jun saying that he'll bring the asia tour back home.....
from anibo @ .... arashis is having 凱旋公演... ("performance given after a successful tour abroad")...
in jap...on Jan 3,4,5,7,8 @ osaka and yokohama, a total of 9 shows...

hm... the boys have done too many cons for god's sake.. let them REST! (doesnt the boys usually have a break @ the beginning of the yr?)
i would rather want solo cons from some of the boys.

anywayz... early next year IS ARASHI'S BUSIEST TIME NE~
god! i hope they dont get sick!
stupid stupid stupid johnny!~ they r not money tree for pete's sake. they r human! they need rest!~ why can u guys leave the asia tour alone.. and let the asian fans have something unqiue and ONLY FOR THEM for once?!!!! why am i so pissed? keke~

yatta! a clip!

i THINK i'm deaf now.

is that.......arashi?  WAHHH!!!!
hi guys~ i wanna appologize for all the inconvience and trouble i caused many of u.
believe me. that's the last thing i wanna do.
i was a little bit out of hand AND WENT CRAZY!!! 
dakara... GOMENNASAI!!!!~
i'll stop posting for a while here... until i can gain control of myself and post by the rules and stuffs..
(because i really like to give surprises and dont like to describe what the heck i'm posting XP)