November 12th, 2006

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[MOD] Reminders and heads-ups

There hasn't been a post like this in awhile, huh?

I just wanted to remind people that, while posting to this community is great and very much encouraged, please extend common courtesy to your fellow members! And no, I'm not just talking about blatant rudeness or anything like that; you don't need to be deliberate to be rude to others.

As some of you may have already guessed, this post stems from the most recent post linking to a Youtube video of Arashi's arrival in Korea. Enthusiasm? That's good. Very good, in fact. But overzealousness in the form of giant fonts and too many exclamation marks? That's... well, bad. Especially considering there are over a thousand members watching this community, and chances are you're stretching a very large number of layouts with your post. I hate to say this, but the next time this happens again, the post will be deleted.

Also, sharing links to interesting videos or posting pictures isn't a bad thing at all, but it shouldn't take more than a minute of your time to actually describe what the link is about, or what the pictures are of. Some people might not be interested, or have slow internet connections or bandwidth limits, or some might just prefer not to click on links they have no idea about. Give us a heads up; it's the least you can do!

Lastly, I'll be going through the userinfo and doing a bit of revamp on both the community rules listed and the slightly outdated information on the boys, and make a post about it when I'm done. If there are any suggestions or questions that you would like to make/ask, even if it's to make a complaint about this post or the way we run things around here, feel free to do so :)
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hi everyone
this is completely off topic but I've been having problems with a_ra_shi I can see the recent posts easily in my fl but if I want to go check out older entry and go to the comm itself I can't see any of the post but I get the links for the info, calender and all that section.
Can anyone help me cause sometimes I'd like to go back but it's impossible right now..... it kinda sucks >_< any help would be appreciated

thanks (this is the only comm where this happens so I have no idea what's wrong or what to do....)
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