November 15th, 2006

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starring Ninomiya Kazunari & Ken Watanabe
directed by Clint Eastwood
written by Paul Haggis
produced by Steven Spielberg.

that movie is running for THIS YEAR OSCAR race.
i'm a movie buff, thus this is mindf blowing (plus my sis is about to gave birth to my first nephew. I shall call him Nino)

got this news from a reliable poster at IMDB (i don't think he/she would joke about this)

posted by rainbird131162 
"To be released by Warners in December, will go wider in January. Rumours have been circulating for some time now suggesting that while Flags is good Letters is great (personally I think Flags is a lot better than good but whatever). If that's the case then expect noms for Letters in all major & minor categories including Ken Watanabe for Best Actor."

personally i don't think Nino would make the cut for the supporting actor category. he have to compete against Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt & the likes. 
Expect him on the red carpet though.

... i so don't want to share him and arashi with the world just yet.

please look up & post any news from Japan about this movie (esp. reviews) as its premiering TODAY
disscuss please.. (i'm in shock so don't expect me to comment ;p)

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Melting Stare
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Nino Solos from MMA~~

I have a new hobby, minna...which is to rip Nino solos from MMA!!!

Have anyone done/shared that before? I thot they are simply here are 3 of them (including the all popular konseki!!! the true first debut of this song is here at MMA yeah???) Never mind he goes slightly out of tune sometimes, enjoy the all-rounded guitar talent boy NINO!!!!!!!!!

Konseki [MMA #7 - 2005.05.21]

Ashita Ga Aru Sa [MMA #10 - 2005.06.11]

Seishun No Kage [MMA #16 - 2005.07.23]

Comments are lurved ^~^   if you guys like it, i dun mind doing some more of these rips...if you re-post the links -- just rem to credit me okies (*-*)
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Koya & Nino's & Sho's radio podcasts

Hii everybody..

hopefully this is the correct place to post this but

Im now getting Koya & Nino's & Sho's radio podcasts if my source religiously records (or I record them religiously.. either way..)
them every week and I will only upload to sites that will store the
recordings for a week or 100 downloads depending

in case of the overly possesive Johnny san/ Mary san/ JE..

so visit my LJ
or u can view the posts

3 latest Nino's BaySTORM podcast

2 prev week Sho's ShoBeat podcasts
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