November 18th, 2006

Melting Stare
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Acoustic Nino from MMA

Ripped more Nino MMA solos...the songs are all soothing to the ear with Nino's guitar and gentle voice *melts* ~~
Songs include --- Konseki, Ashita Ga Aru Sa, Seishun No Kage, Mata Aeru Hi Made, Eikou No Kake Hashi, Omoi Dega Ippai and 3 Gatsu 9 Ka...enjoy!!

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J-Ent Global, new site

Hello minna-san~

I've been sitting on a website for quite some time now and it's now stable enough for release. You may know me from a few fanvideos I have posted in the past...

I introduce: J-Ent Global.

Yes Hai? But what makes this different from any other site?
- Event calendar subscription: get email notifications before birthdays, (drama) releases...
- Integrated forum; one user account does all
- Clubbox indexer: I'm attempting to index all interesting clubboxes
- Newsfeeds: will bring you information from anywhere in one spot (handy!)

Eh, *_*; I kind of made a site larger then I can manage. I'm therefor looking for walking JE wiki's. You think you're it for a certain group or Johnny? Then come and claim them. You have the freedom to do whatever you like (within reason) on these site sections. I'm also in need of moderators, translators, graphix specialists (I suck at that). If you're interested please apply here.

That being said; hope to see you all soon!

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Hey everyone!

I feel that I'm going broke so I started a selling journal last week to get rid of all my precious Johnny's goods. Here's some of the things I'm selling:

- ARASHI How's it going? Concert DVD
- 12 JE Magazines
- Random JE PinUps
- Random JE Stickers
- 2 JE CDs

DVDs, CDs, and magazines are in EXCELLENT SPANKING BRAND NEW condition. PinUps and stickers are from previous magazines, but are NOT removed from the magazines that I'm currently selling.

More information at my selling journal: dazzle_glitz

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