November 20th, 2006


Arashi things for sale

Hi there

Some people may have already seen me post this in jboys4sale but I thought I'd announce it here also.  Starting in January, I'll be moving overseas for 8 months for work.  But, I'm in need of money to last me until my first paycheque.  So I'm hoping to sell off some things I've accumulated.  Please stop by my LJ to see what I have to offer.

Included are Johnny's Jr. mangas with Arashi members when they were still juniors, unofficial biographies, and TONS of uchiwas.

Thanks for dropping by!

BayStorm 061119

Hi girls/guys(if any)

I got the latest BaySTORM by nino
enjoy n plz comment to tell me u have taken ne~~

as usual, downloads will last 7days or first 100 people in case Johnny san doesnt like fans how record podcasts and decide to patent every boy's angellic voice..
argh i posted this wrongly in my LJ twice..
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