November 26th, 2006


Small handful of icons

It's about time I made some again, so voila, here's a small handful of icons. ^^

[11]Jun Matsumoto

[01]Hideaki Takizawa

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY too Leader! Looks like I'll have to make some icons of him pretty soon then. ^^' LOL
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Dear capitan!
I wish you ALLLLLLL stuff you wish)))))) My eng as bad as my japanese, so my wises is short... but I have a big present.

And under cut you can see my 100 RIIDA's ICONS, which I made especialy for Capitans birthday. Feel free with it, I've maked it for you))) 

arashi ongaku no hi

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Hello minna!!^_^ This is my first post to this community and I would just like to introduce myself... I am kawaii_beela... nice to meet everyone here... my main reason for posting is to wish our dear Riida a very very happy birthday and I would just like to share a video with everyone that I made for him at school... if anyone wants me to upload it using ysi, megaupload or anything please ask me... so with that being said... to riida/captain/Ohno Satoshi please have the best birthday ever!

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