November 27th, 2006

Melting Stare
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Aozora Pedaru PV [Romanji + Translations]

Ok I'm 1 day late *sobz* --- gomen ne Riida but this is my birthday present to mark your big day!! *chuuu* 

::: Aozora Pedaru PV :::
With Romanji lyrics + English translations of the dialogue

I lurve PVs with a plot/story to it...and this is first Arashi one with a superb storyline (Nino's idea right?) and some acting~~~ enjoy singing along, minna! 

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LJK - headphones


Hello, I am a big fan of Arashi, but I do not own any CDs! Before I invest $40+ in a Arashi CD I would like your advice. Which one is the best? I would like for it to have a lot of songs (not a big fan of singles), but it can't be to expensive. Thank You!
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