November 29th, 2006

arashi pikanchi double

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Hey minna!
I'm looking for the "A day in our life (rock remix)". Does anyone have it,and would upload it for me?
And also i'd like to ask something else. The matter is,i have lots of pics of ARASHI,i'd like to share it with you guys,but i don't know how to upload it here in LJ. Can anyone teach me or just give me some tips?
Thanks in advance!
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As it was Oh-chans birthday at the weekend I decided it was about time I made some more icons of I made 5, but then I got carried away and made some more random icons. lol.

[05]Ohno Satoshi
[04]Matsumoto Jun
[01]Ninomiya Kazunari
[01]Sakurai Sho
[01]Aiba Masaki

[01]Taguchi Junnosuke (Happy Birthday to my fave KT member! *big hug*)
[01]Yasuda Shota x Shibutani Subaru
[02]Nakajima Yuuto


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Oh, & I uploaded Arashi's medley perf on the Utawara SP (Aozora Pedal, a Day in Our Life, I want Sombody) onto megaupload for someone, and rather than totally waste the link I thought it might be a good idea to post it here (eventhough I know most people have got it already.)

Arashi Utawara Perf
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