December 10th, 2006

(ParaKiss) Paradise

help, please?

for my final project for japanese pop culture, i'm making a 10 minute informational video about Arashi! i'm editing together clips i've downloaded and recording myself as a voice-over narrator. now that hontowa has solved my video problem, i'm just lookin for a little help and input:

- do you have any info on:
the aiba/ex-girlfriend sexy pictures scandal
popularity statistics

- any photos of their tremendously silly costumes?

- what song do you think best features Ohno's voice?

- and finally, is there anything you guys feel like i should definitely not overlook??

(sorry, x-posted like crazy)
first kiss

Nino in my LA Times. ^__^

Well, it's not earth-shattering -- yet -- but it was a damn fine surprise to see Nino's LETTERS pic in the Sunday LA Times paper this morning. It's in the Calendar section, and the article is really just commenting on the different use of violence between Mel Gibson's APOCALYPTO and Eastwood's LETTERS. But it was great they picked a pic of Nino's Saigo rather than Watanabe for the accompanying shot. Check it out! Note the link is open today but the Calendar usually goes locked (but with free registration) after that.,0,5993987.story?coll=la-entnews-movies

It just seems really surreal to see a pic of our Neener in the paper that I read every Sunday morning. ^__^
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first kiss

LETTERS starts to win hearts in Hollywood

Ah! More, more! LETTERS is going to do very well during award season, at least in noms. If the film was already selected as top film by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, that's a good sign, but even AFI (American Film Institute) picked it as a top 10 of 2006. ^___^

Man, now I'm getting excited all over again!!! Go, Neener, GO!!!!
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ShOhno Kiss

(no subject)

Hi everyone! ^__^

I want to have the full Arashi discography, but you may know that some of the Albums/Singles are out of print everywhere, so I'm here to give you the list of CDs I'm still looking for. Maybe some of you are interested on selling your used copies to me ^__^

This is what I would like to BUY:

- Arashi No1 Ichigou Arashi ha Arashi wo Yobu (Album) x 2 [this means I'm interested in two copies, since a friend of mine is looking for it too ^__^]
- A day in Our Life
- PIKA☆NCHI (Limited Edition)
- HOW'S IT GOING? (Album) (Limited Edition)
- Iza, Now (Album) (Limited Edition)
- Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy / Hero (Limited Edition 1 & 2)
- 5 x 5 THE BEST COLLECTION OF 2002 - 2004 (Limited Edition) x 2 [interested in two copies again, since my friend wants it too ^o^]
- Sakura Sake (Limited Edition)
- WISH (Limited Edition)

That's all

Thank you very much in advance ^___^
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