December 14th, 2006

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Does anyone have these songs to download..I want somebody by Arashi,Miso Soup by Tegoshi and Massu. I would also like Arashi's-Blue and Only Love. I would also like Taki and Subasa's-venus.I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.
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Ohno n Sho

Ohno One Shot Fan Fic

Oh-chan fanfic (based on a true story)

Alright, so this fic is written specially for A-chan. It is based on her true experience while meeting Arashi, especially Oh-chan (her all-time idol, mine too). Credit goes to her for all the details provided from her point of view. I just wrote this fic into Oh-chan’s point of view instead.
Seriously, I know A-chan’s not lying. Oh-chan really does remember her. He mentioned his encounter with A-chan during the October Wink Up 2006 interview. Credit goes to
 for translating it.
Just wanted to share it… to all Arashi fans, ganbarimasho!


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