December 29th, 2006


[Request] Sakura Sake lyrics

Hello~! ^^ I need someone's help with finding the kanji with english lyrics for Sakura Sake? If there's anyone that has a collection of MORE then just that song, that would be awesome, but right now it's the only one I need. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! \(n_n;)/
Arashi | Aiba (glance)
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[translation] Aiba Masaki - 10,000 Word Interview (complete)

Just thought I'd pop in here to let people know that I finally finished translating all of Aiba's 10,000 word interview from Arashi's Arashigoto photobook, which was released last summer. It's a lot to read through in one sitting, but well worth the time!

Comments are always appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed reading this ^^

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- Aiba Masaki - 10,000 Word Interview - Part VIII (end) -