February 23rd, 2007

arashi: my stormy boys ^^

[re-up] Matsujun's Birthday Song [HIG 2003] English Softsubs

just re-posting links for Matsujun's Birthday Song [HIG 2003] English Softsubs
i used another host since YSI expires in just a week... ^^'

douzo! ^^
many thanks to ames_909& say_it_again for the translation

~ video uploaded ^^
001: http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=f7fe6af8f9f5271924718db43f9abafc
002: http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=a7c4c5a19f706452652cf0079f3defd5
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thanks to doramaholicfor the video clip

EDIT: gomen nasai minna for posting late the second file's link ^^'

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