February 24th, 2007


[subs] Love So Sweet - MS performance + talk

I really love Love So Sweet performance!!!! I think i won't post any screencapture.. When i began to make them.. i can't stop!!! >__________________< i love every each moment!!!!!! <3


And about the talk.. i really wanted that the kind nyanchan translated it!! I asked to her.. and she translated it so quickly, i subbed it this morning just woke up! it was the first thing! This is my way to thanks her translations. ^______^

Nino talking about Europe! wow~ hai!! There are fans here! not only in Paris ^^- Paris was where i met Dir en grey, perhaps.. i should have gone too >_< what a special city~

winkychan, you will love this talk! ^_~ I was so exciting subbing it, and i was looking forward you can enjoy it!! and the other parisian's fans too ^_^

Enjoy it at nyanchan or tenjostyle.