March 12th, 2007


early Graduation gift

ok... so i have nothing to do today....
actually i'm supposed to be studying for the finals but my head's been hurting for cramming 10 months of lessons in my brain XD

since there are people who,like me, are going to graduate this year/month (yay!)
i have an early grad gift for u guys XD
(and if ur not a graduate or whatever feel free to look and steal <3 ^__^ )

i forgot i had a few more pics of them XD i forgot where i hid the stock but i found it now... so if you want to see them... i have a few more for JUN-kun <3

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Arashi verson of janken help ^^;;

Can anyone make out exactly what Arashi says when they play janken? (rock, paper, scissor) Because I keep listening to it, and I can't be sure exactly of what they are saying. And everytime I've seen them play they seem to use the exact same set of words and such.. :\ I just can't catch exactly what it is ^^;;; Right now I'm looking at when they play it at the end of the Aozora Pedal PV
Arigatoo gozaimasu!