March 18th, 2007

arashi ongaku no hi

[SALE] Arashi Calendar Brand New

hi guys... I'm selling a brand new arashi calendar that is still in the box... unsealed and unopened...its a MUST have for ANY arashi fan...for someone who doesnt have a credit card or cant buy it off sites like yesasia or cdjapan (which might even already be sold out) then please take this opportunity to buy it now.

Arashi Calendar Brand New in Unopened Box
Price: $40 USD plus shipping (amount of shipping depends on where you live)

If more than one person wants this then I'll auction it off to the highest bidder. meaning the person who offers to pay the most will get it.

my email address is, if you are interested or have any questions please just email me.

Don't miss the chance to buy this amazing calendar with super smexy pics of

thanks for reading^^
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