March 19th, 2007

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Song for the Unloved (Arashi fic - based on a true story)

This fic is based on one of News Zero's reports. You can see the video in Youtube (sorry I don't remember the link). Video clip translations goes to Nyanchan
You can get Arashi's Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi full lyrics and translations here.
The song entitled 'Song for the Unloved' at the beginning of the fic is by Backstreet Boys, you can get the full lyrics here.
I have totally no idea what exactly happened to the girl, so please pardon my imagination.

Song for the Unloved

This is a song for the unloved
This is the music for one last cry
This is a prayer that tomorrow will
Help me leave the past behind
It's a song for the unloved


   "Busu! Busu! Busu!..."

   Echoes, everywhere; all around her, the world spinning. Dareka, tasukete kudasai! Deep in her, she shouted with all her might, dareka, kikoetaka? Onegai!

   A strong push came and she fell without warnings, too quick for her to reach out her hands to support herself. Landing on her left jaw, she moaned in pain. It’s bleeding, I tasted blood.

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