April 7th, 2007


Di-Li-Li & We can make it!

Hi minna!!!!

While i was searching for the full Jun Style, i found Di-Li-Li!!! What a surprise desho! but i still want the Jun Style T___________T

hehehe~ Jun spoiled us with Di-Li-Li and We can make it! with the full version... thank you Jun! I can't wait for Bambino!!! Sure that there are new mags with a lot of new Jun pics! I can't wait for to see them =)

by the way, enjoy the new songs! ^^

Download Links

And if anyone knows some cb/pdb to download the Jun Style.. onegaishimasu ^^
And i am looking for MMA too ù.ú

Goodies galore;P

Today is a big~ postXD I have: the MMA with Sho and Ohno and the rich people, Jun's bit in Josei Jishin, his May Myojo article, Arashi with Ehara Hiroyuki in Arajin, the Zoom-In Super clip of their Kiiroi Namida fan question session/interview, and *small drumroll*....the lyrics for 'We Can Make It'!:D

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow^^

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Sales~ Magazines/Photos etc.

Hi. Trying to sell off some Johnny's things- KAT-TUN/K8/Arashi/NEWS that I have since I'm moving. Anybody interested can visit my blog!
All of my things are older before Jin's break stuff. Magazine cutouts/pictures/Docomo pamphlets.
Some things I'm selling under the cut~

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