April 18th, 2007

Arashi 2005-2006 Calendar....

...FOR SALE! I'm moving so I'm selling like everything and its grandmother. This is that photobook/calendar that's now out of Print. A few calendar pages are missing (cause I wrote in them so I tossed them out) but all the photos are in tact! :D (Not like it matters it's a 2005-2006 calendar anyway XD)

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[ARASHI] my rainbow forever

I come bearing a gift!

Because BAMBINO~'s premiering today in Japan, I have made my very special Bambino premier present for everyone!!!

Me and 3 of my friends did this small project of scanlating, guess what, BAMBINO manga! (since we haven't seen any scanlation group translate this one yet). Though sadly, we only got our hands on one chapter of the manga but then it's still nice to see what Bambino has in store for all of us, right?

get it here: DOWNLOAD

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