April 26th, 2007

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We need help for subbing

Hello all! I am from STORMY team sub (Aibakaland / stormy_team), we are a subbing team which specialized in translating some arashi stuffs. Maybe you've downloaded our subbed stuffs before, including dramas and variety shows such as Haikei Chichiuesama, Sukoshi wa Ongaeshi ga Dekitanaka or some D no Arashi episodes and stuffs. We are quite a new subbing team, only started growing up around January, but thanks to everyone who give a good response after downloading our subbed stuffs, we can grow this much in a few months. Many people expect more releases from us, many requested too. However, we need more staffs, especially since we're decided to sub Yoiko no Mikata and other big projects, we started to get left behind on everything. We definitely need more help.

Staffs needed in the order of our lackness:
We especially need those who can upload to Clubbox, cuz currently we only have 1 active hardsubber who basically uploads everything! O_o
If people want more releases we definitely need more translators. Good Japanese AND English skills are absolutely necessary. STORMY team sub translations have been good quality so far and we want them to be that way in the future.
We only had 2 timers back then doing everything, lately 2 more joined, but more helps are sure welcomed.
Those who kindly re-upload our subbed stuffs to clubbox. It'll be better if you can hardsub too, but any help is welcomed.

Those who interested to help please contact me or go to aibakaland. We never put any deadlines and we won't shoot you when you're busy with school, so please please help ne. For Arashi love to be spread around the world :) So far, we have awesome responds for our subbing work.

Oh, and those who simply want to download our subbed stuffs, please register to Aibakaland and check the download sections out. We currently have released 48 videos so far ;) And of course, more to come when we need more help.

p.s: moderators, please delete this post if this isn't allowed :)
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I was wondering if someone would upload Bambino (hardsubs), in MP4 format (for iPods). Or if anyone has done that yet, can you provide the link for me? I would like to watch it on my iPod...X3

Edit: Softsubs are cool too~


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