May 5th, 2007

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Subbed videos: Jun in Oshareism and HEY3x part 1

Yaaaaaaaa thanks to wonderful nyanchan for her awesome translations!!!! As usual, with her permission I subbed them. Don't forget to thank her ne~

The subbed videos this week are:
1. Matsumoto Jun in Oshareism. Trust me you can hear many precious things about Jun by seeing this vid
2. HEY3x 23rd April 2007 part 1. Yes it's only the first part before Ogura-san came in. Part 2 will come soon (I hope... XD)
3. Mago Mago Arashi 96 (Sakuraiba) hardsubbed version! Enter the twilight zone with matching underwears XDDDD

You can get the Oshareism and HEY3x part 1 in this post. MMA 96 is in this post.

Sorry for crossposting :)
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Traditional clothes

I've been uploading all my pictures of Johnnys boys wearing traditional clothes to my lj and I'm quite disappointed that I only have 4 pictures of Arashi wearing these clothes T__T
Does anyone have some pictures and willing to share them to me???
I would be so greatful.

ueto aya <3

We Can Make It! anicons ♥

Hi! This is my first time posting although I've been a member of this community for a long time. ^^
I bring everyone We Can Make It! anicons! (even though you're probably sick of all the WCMI graphics by now, I still hope you'd check them out)

001 002 003

( more under this fake cut )

Please comment and credit if you're taking anything. Thank you! ♥
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Arashi Freindship Slide

Hi friends~~! This is my first post in a_ra_shi community LJ~~!! I'm Yuki (Snowpuppet) Hajimemashite~~!!

I'm here to post a slide that I made some days before. I hope you all like it. Please view my Journal too. Since, I am a new Arashi fan and also new to Journal. Thank you~~!

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