May 8th, 2007


European Arashi's FanClub

Last days I was quite busy, why? Because I was doing...a project, but not a project for my uni, Arashi's project...

What's that?

Well...two friends and me were yesterday in our usually msn conversation, when she said: "Do you know? Arashi went to Korea to perform there because Korean girls were clever and they formed an Arashi's Official FanClub...we must do the same"  She finally go to sleep, but my other friend and my kept thinking about it, and decided to create a web page, although I didn't know anything about html, I read last night some manuals and...started to create the webpage, is really simple...but I hope you like it ^^. I went to bed at 10.30 a.m after all night working in the webpage, but...if I want to do something I need to finish it or at least work in it very hard ne.

This is the web!

Almost everything is done, if you click on the left you can access to join fanclub, view the fanlist.... The only thing that doesn't work yet is the Arashi pick where we gonna write some of their biography.

This is for European people, because what we want to do is Arashi to perfom in Europe, why? because go to Japan every year is really expensive ne~! Sure the most of you know what I mean. But don't misunderstand me please, I don't want to reject American, African, or Asian people, is only about countries that are near. Also if you want to take our idea, and you need some help, I'll be willing to help you, creating a web or anything.

So, please, if you are european, or you know Arashi's european fans, please give them the web, and join them, onegaishimasu. m(_ _)m

You surely are thinking: "What a stupid idea, that's imposible!". Well, maybe it is imposible, maybe it is only a dream, but I can assure a thing, if we don't try it, sure it's imposible then.

Thanks for reading this.

- Iara

sid// aki

new user

Hi everyone. ^^

I was just wondering; does anyone have Arashi baby pictures and can post it up for me? Thank you in advace!! ^^
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Request fro translation

Is anyone can, please, help.
Ichigo_umai posted Nino's Jounetsu Tairiku 2007.05.06 video on her site ロック, and I feel that I need translation for it. I understand it all too blur, and cant cute catch a lot. Please, anyone, maybe not detailed, but just what he said. Please.

Sorry for bothering.