May 17th, 2007

Lovely Complex - Koizumi 1
  • jaejin

[SELLING] Album: Arashi - ONE

This is the first time I'm selling something. I don't want to sell any of my things, but I need €€€!


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  • Artist: Arashi
  • Album: One
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: JPop/Hiphop
  • Label: J-Storm / Johnny's Entertainment
Price: €20,- incl. shipping [EUROPEAN UNION ONLY] -Convincing me to go lower ain't a problem =D-

I only accept euro's. Why? Dollars don't have any value in my country and exchanging costs are hella high. If you live in the States or anywhere else for that matter and you have euro's, I'm willing to accept it (Shipping outside EU = €22,- incl. shipping) The shipping fees are high in The Netherlands...

Payment Method:
Concealed cash only

Click here for more info

[SALE] Magazines, DMs, SHOP Photos!


To those who were interested in buying DMs (flyers) from me before, I've made a sales post in order to make things a little easier for me (and probably for you as well!)

Items I'm selling:
[x] Magazines
[x] DMs (promo flyers)
[x] SHOP Photos (Arashi, K8, NewS)

Please come and check it out! ^^ Also, there is a link on the entry that leads to Arashi SHOP Photos I bought - AAA and Kiiroi Namida if any of you guys are interested in that!

Follow this link! ^^