May 22nd, 2007

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Nino+Sho drama news translation

Hi minna, I think everyone already heard that Nino and Sho will be in the drama 'Yamada Tarou Monogatari'. Anyways, I translated the nikkansports news article, so if you want to know a little bit more about what it says in the news, you can read my translation here.
(Corrections are welcome.)

JE Shop Photos

Hi! I'm going to be heading to Japan for about two weeks in mid-June and am able to help people buy photos from the Johnny's Shop since I know that not many people get to actually go to the shops. If you're interested in getting photos, pop by my page for details. I've gotten a couple orders already but just seeing if there are any last minute requests.

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Jun Sho Ohno Nino

Letters from Iwo Jima - Special Features

This is my first post here. ^^
UPDATE: I added some pictures and a couple more questions from the press conference. I was baka enough to somehow skip them. One of the questions? Is there a possibility that Arashi and the director will perform together at your next concert?
I've compiled the Nino-related parts of the special features of "Letters from Iwo Jima". It's not too long but I figured some people might like to see what he said. Warning: Very long post (because of the pictures and my thoughts). x]

Teaser: One thing I had in common with my character was our longing to go home to Japan.

(Nino must've missed his fellow Arashi members...)

(12 Pictures!)

I wanted to take pictures but my dad came home and he already thought it was weird that I was pausing and rewinding and writing things down so I didn't want to get in front of the tv and start taking pictures. >.> I will hopefully get some later today though.
I will try and post videos up but I can't promise you. :x I hope you guys liked it! And sorry for the cross-post...