May 30th, 2007

aiba *cry*
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Cinema Cinema July 07

Arashi was on the cover. Editorial about Kiiroi Namida. Also scans of Oguri Shun and Eiji Wentz (because of GeGeGe, his new movie with Inoue Mao) and a news article about Iwo Jima in Berlin. :)

On to the scans! )

It's okay for anyone to take, but comments would be loved :)

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from tamakins8604

requesting this song...

okay so i was perusing veoh for some arashi videos... and i found this but i have no idea what the name of the song is and i really really want it..

so i'm hoping that someone has the info and maybe an mp3 of it????

prettty pretty please....

Online Videos by

i lack a bribe *megaupload hates me at the moment* but could complete gratefulness be okay???
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