June 15th, 2007


New C1000 CM!

There's a new C1000 CM up on the official website; Here
It involves Arashi playing a game of curling with the bottle XD

The song 'Oh Yeah!' is playing in the background ~ makes me more impatient for the new album. ^^

Thanks to tenjo_style for pointing it out <3

p.s - if anyone knows of a way to rip/download the CM off the site, please do share. I'm in love with the CM already. lol. Thankyou pamujung for the link~~!
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[MP3s, Videos, Pics] THE SHOW Sho Solo Con 2006

I've cut and uploaded all the MP3s from Sho Solo Con at my journal + "Oretachi no Song" and "Kouya" fancams (and pics).

Interesting songs you might want to grab:
Introduction ~storm~ (remix)
ALL or NOTHING (Eye of the Tiger remix)
Where's the love (Black Eyes Peas cover)
Kouya (solo song)
Pen no Sasu Houko ~Chapter 2~ (solo song)
Oretachi no Song (if you hadn't got it already)
Thank you for my Days (remix)
Choo Choo Train (EXILE cover)
A Day in our Life (remix of the Iza Now concert remix XD~)
Yes? No? (remix)

( over here )

Fo banners!


[+] Miyazaki Aoi >>> 3.
[+] Ueno Juri >>> 2.
[+] Toda Erika >>> 1.
[+] Horikita Maki is >>> 1.

animated friends only banners

[+] arashi >>> 6.


I assure you the banners actually look pretty neat if the background's white. I forgot to make them on a transparent background. T-T

( warning! the gifs are bandwidth hungry! )

Edit: Images are changed to links instead~ so its safe!
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Jun Sho Ohno Nino

My first batch of icons~!

I finally decided to try my hand at icon making. It's really scattered and not organized at all but I hope you like! ^^

[30] Arashi
   [2] Group
   [4] Aiba
   [6] Jun
   [5] Nino
   [4] Ohno
   [5] Sho
   [4] Pairings
[14] Hana Yori Dango
[1] Kimi Wa Petto


The rest of them at my LJ.

Credits: arashi.vox, arashirin.vox, chochajin , audience0killer , and kimiwapet2150 . I might've forgotten someone so please tell me if any of these images are yours. :]
x-posted: hopefully none of you are annoyed after seeing this everywhere. x]
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For those that don't know yet, The Yamada Tarou Monogatari drama is gonna start July 6. Fridays at 2200 (10:00pm)

And their new album, Time, is going to release July 10.
The cost for the limited is 3500yen and for the regular is 3000.