June 25th, 2007


Matsujun LJ Layout

This one's the same style as my previous Arashi one...with the exception that this time it's only Jun (again). XD I will admit already though, I am not very pleased with how this one turned out, somehow I find it not as eye-catching as I wanted it to be >.<

Codes etc under here~~☆

I have a tiny request too ^^' :
I'm going to visit family in Berlin next week, and I'm wondering hoping that someone can tell me where there are Japanese stores in Berlin? Ones that sell magazines & stuff. There must be at least one ne? m(n____n)m I'll be forever thankful for any help.

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Yamada Taro theme song

Not sure if anyone's posted about this yet, but the theme song for Sho and Nino's new drama, Yamada Taro Monogatari, has been decided!

Of course, it will be by Arashi, and the title of the song is "Happiness". ♥

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I have a request for you...
Does someone have a better version of this photo?

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I searched for it but I couldn't find it anywhere.....and since I wanted to print it on a t-shirt, I have to find one without the centre division....

Thanks in advance! ^____^
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One Piece: Ace Ride


I just got carried away with this batch! ^_^()

Pikanichi Life Is Hard Dakedo Happy [1-21]
Escaflowne [22-37]
The Venture Bros. [38-46]
Hero [47-66]
Harvey Birdman [67-74]
SmapxSmap (Spider-Man 3 spoof) [75-103]
X-Factor [104-113]



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