July 10th, 2007


Arashi icons...again

hello...its been a while again! XD lol

well it's my birthday today - the 9th, so i decided to post a few of the icons that i made. for some odd reason i feel like i should be the one giving you guys something since its my birthday. hehe oh well who doesnt love more arashi icons??

hopefully you guys like them...dont expect too much. they're not that wonderful! gomen... 

001 002 003

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Make your Arashi trip to Japan

Sharing some bits of informations. I made a huge post about drama set locations (90% Arashi related), also includes Aiba's mum restaurant and Johnny's shop in Harajuku.

Each set includes:
*A Google map
*Informative links
*Nearest train station


(if you see French it's normal, when you'll click the links, it will be in English, don't worry)

So yeah, if you're going to Japan this summer (or are planning to go someday), hopefully you'll find something interesting in that post (that is, if you're going to fangirl in Japan (well... most likely, you're going to X3))

( Over here )
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[Lyrics] Oh Yeah!

I went to a book store and bought my copy of the 'Time' LE Album XDDD
So here's the kanji, romaji, and translation of Oh Yeah!.
I'll be doing the whole Album so yeah..I'll be updating once in a while.
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Arashi | Aiba/Nino (mirror)
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Random Aiba and Nino quotes

I came across a collection of Aiba and Nino-related quotes taken from various magazine issues, radio talks, con reports, etc. etc. spanning almost ten years, and I thought they were really cute so I picked out a few of the ones I liked and translated them.

They were originally compiled by Aiba/Nino fans, but you don't need to be a fan of the pairing to read these. :) Click on the link below to read if you're interested!

- Random Aiba and Nino quotes -
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Time Disc 2

Hi this is my first post here.
So I ripped Arashi's new Album "Time Disc 2"

1.Song for Me - Ohno Satoshi solo
2.Friendship - Aiba Masaki solo
3.Niji - Ninomiya Kazunari solo
4.Can't Let You Go - Sakurai Sho solo
5.Yabai-Yabai-Yabai - Matsumoto Jun

right this way :9