July 11th, 2007

Arashi | Nino (omfg.)
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[MOD] Happy... birthday?

Oh, wow.

As of-- well, right now, I guess-- this community is two years old, with 1957 members.

I was thinking maybe we could hold some kind of activity when the member count hits 2000... how does a contest sound? I don't have much so the prizes probably won't be anything great, but I'll try to think of something. Or I could get around to finally making a new layout for the comm.

Anyway, thanks for joining this community and, above all else, your interest in and support for Arashi. ♥
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[76] Arashi

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(03) Aiba x Matsumoto
(04) Aiba x Ninomiya
(04) Aiba x Ohno
(02) Aiba x Sakurai
(01) Matsumoto x Ninomiya
(07) Matsumoto x Ohno
(01) Matsumoto x Sakurai
(08) Ninomiya x Ohno
(01) Ninomiya x Sakurai
(15) Jun Matsumoto
(04) Kazunari Ninomiya
(05) Masaki Aiba
(06) Satoshi Ohno
(07) Sho Sakurai


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