July 14th, 2007



In the spirit of my continuing inadvertent efforts to break lj I made another double post;P In column A we have the MMA from 07.04.14 with Jun and Aiba and the only girl on earth who hates Jun (laughs), and Jun's July Duet article; in column B we have the translations of Be With You, Carry on, Firefly, Friendship, Song For Me and Yabai:D

Fill your plate;P

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Arashi International Fanvideo Project

2009.arashi-world.com, the website for the Arashi International Fanvideo project, is up! We're waiting for your feeback and suggestions :3 Also tell all your Arashi fan friends about it, we really want to make it something international! Let's make it something Arashi members will remember all of their lifes ^-^

Also make sure to visit www.arashi-world.com! It actually has a layout now, it's all shiny! X3

x-posted. Sorry about it DX
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