August 6th, 2007

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[audio] 1st Album (Ichigou)

I upped this for a friend earlier and thought someone might be interested with it here. ^^

(1st Album) Arashi No. 1 (Ichigou)
Zipped on SendSpace.

1 Introduction ~STORM~"
3 Dangan Liner"
4 Sunrise Nippon" ("Sunrse日本")
5 Sawarenai" (サワレナイ)
6 Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi" ("感謝カンゲキ雨嵐")
7 Ai to Yuuki to Cherry Pie" ("愛と勇気とチェリーパイ")
8 Deep na Bouken" ("Deepな冒険")
9 Helpless"
10 On Sunday"
11 Yasei Wo Shiritai"
12 Allergy" ("アレルギー")
13 Kokoro Chirari" ("ココロチラリ")
14 Typhoon Generation" ("台風ジェネレション")

Track list & album cover from WikiPedia. :)
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Save me!!!

Could anyone help me to upload 2 last songs in TIME album? I don't have those...


and kindheartedly to upload it in MF or SS at least... but not MU...

I asked too much, I know, but God had spared Matsu Jun for those who were willing to help me!

^__^ (still won't give up on Sho...)

Thank you!!!!

VIDEO & PICS: STARDUST Gymnastics Contest

an old old old old clip of johnny's jrs doing gymnastics... oh how it cheered me up xD... hope it cheers other ppl up too! they are just too damn cute for their own good, ESPECIALLY when they're younger =)
(1) yamapi
(2) matsujun
(3) shingo
(4) toma
(5) aiba
(6) nino
(7) yuuki
(8) tsubasa
(9) tackey 

when they were young...

pics of johnny's... i originally posted them to ask if the GUY ON THE TOP RIGHT really is toma... O_O... BUT HEY, arashi's there too!!!

chibi arashi = <3

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