August 30th, 2007

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New member bearing gifts!

Konnichiwa minna-san!

I'm a newbie to this community and to the art of making wonderful graphics. Thus, I shall proceed to spread the joy!

Since I'm new at this, I would love to hear any suggestions on how I can improve but it not necessary at all. Credit although should be given!

Dozo! Just click on the title!

Graphic post #4
[just wallpapers]
Harry Potter [1]
Hanakimi [1]
Yamada Taro Monotagari [1]
Arashi [2]
Total [5]

Graphic Post #1
Harry Potter [13]
Prince of Tennis [7]
Prince of Tennis Musicals [5]
D-Boys [1]
HanaKimi [2]
Sakurai Sho [2]
Total: 30
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Arashi Happiness PV

 MF Links - (001/002)  
video credit: the wonderful adfirmatiosg! thank you  SO MUCH! 

OMG! I JUST DONT KNOW WHERE TO START! im sure by now everyone has the pv already...but i just wanted to share the Arashi love! ALL OF IT! there's just so much! where to start...where to start...

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OH GOD. i still dont know what to say about this PV. it's gotta be one of my favorite! maybe the best PV that Arashi's had!
i mean come on, it cant get any better then this! having arashi in front of the camera, in one room, one space, all together, doing whatever they want, acting like how they usually do around each other!

this PV just shows how close these boys really are with each other! this happiness and this friendship isnt fake folks! its pure love! and that's what i love about them the most! the friendship that they have with one just cant be replaced!

goodness. i love being an arashi fan! i watched this PV about a bazillion times today! literally...i couldnt stop replaying it. it makes me giggle and laugh and feel all warm inside everytime i watch it! thank goodness for this PV, i think the happiness that this has brought me today will last for a whole year! <3

I LOVE ARASHI! who doesnt?? now this makes me wonder what they'll do for the upcoming performances...

are they just gonna sing and dance around like adorable little kids? or is there a dance?? i wanna see them goof around! haha...
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Jensen; over shoulder

For all you Ohmiya fans...

Thanks to the wonderful Ohmiya moment in the latest music video, I made an animation of one of the best moments in the whole video!
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Feel free to use it from forum signatures to putting it in your profile. You don't have to credit (though it would be nice!), just as long as you don't claim you made it. :) Please upload it to your own server (I use FileDen!). Hope you guys like it. :D

P.S. If it looks a little slow at first, let it run all the way through. It should speed up by then, because it will be fully loaded.
Enjoy! * 3*
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