September 1st, 2007

Happiness n-n

Hi!im kasu :3
i have 14 years old and i love arashi! and i really love Jun,Nino and Sho!!!mi favorite boys of Arashi =)!aiba too is so lovely *
im from Chile,and my english is bad,sorry if you can't understand!
but i try to write in english ...and i dont know..only this.
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soup and brunch

Nino's new soup cm.
This made me very happy.
mediafire link: here

and the newest (9/1/07) osamanobrunch with Sho and Nino. Watched it really late last night/early this morning, so I don't really remember it, but it's prolly cute
mediafire link: here
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kisarazu cat's eye request

hi! i just finished watching kisarazu cat's eye. it was AMAZING! i loved it! [especially sho ^^]
i have a request and that is...

does anyone know where i can download the movies english subbed?

please and thanks in advance ^^