September 15th, 2007

it's a song you love, waiting to happen
  • ayisse

Omedetou gozaimasu

To Arashi, why, my life has changed forever. To say that you have been here for 8 years of giving us all happiness is enough for me. No need to speak anymore, but to say that you fill my heart with love and happiness. :) Omedetou.

Arashi's clothes

Hi, everyone!
I checked the rules and I think this is allowed, so I was wondering...
Was it ever mentioned (in an interview or something) if any of the Arashi members had any particular clothing brands they liked?
Thanks in advance~
Sho - Scarf

[Scans] Jun's birthday pics, FC mag #1 & #2 and TBS Mag (YamaTaro)

I've scanned all the Jun's birthday pics (30h August, Hamamatsu concert) I've bought, really HQ, which means I had to make them 600dpi to make them exceed 1500px.
Also includes the two first FC magazines (2001) and the scans of "La Boo", the TBS magazine, with an interview of Nino and Sho.

As always:
*Credit if you take
*Don't claim as your own
*Comments are <3

All are 300dpi. (except the photo scans which are 600dpi)


( this looks like a fake-cut... )