September 19th, 2007

Sho - Scarf

Sho-kun finally believes Nino about foreign fans XD

In "Sho Beat" 2007.09.16, Sho-kun finally admitted that Nino was saying the truth since all this time, and that he saw so much foreign fans, from outside of Asia at the concerts, from France, America, Germany (Doitsu), Italia and Peru (and surely other countries ne!), and that it made me really happy!
So yeah, I though it was all very worth mentionning it here, as it's our dream ne, to see them one day outside of Asia, at least it's a very big step that we're finally seriously acknoledged (not to say that there hasn't been any foreign fans at the concerts before, but surely, we're starting to be many).
So it's another motivation for all of us to save money and go to their concerts to show our love and support ne!

( To the download link (and some screaming XD) )
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Hello everyone!

Sorry to post a request like this but I was just wondering if anyone knows of anyone selling spare tickets to Aiba's play; they're sold old at Ticket Pia (T_T)...

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ARASHI Petition!!

 Hi everyone. My friend and I are working to get Arashi to come over here to America. With your help, this can be possible. One of our main points is a petition from Arashi fans to get them over here. We want to show them that they are loved here just as much as everywhere else. So please show your support and sign. All we ask is that you use real information since we want it to be legitimate. Spread the word!!

Thanks for your support.
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Kisarazu Cat's Eye world series movie

Hi my first post here. Hehe yes I'm a silent LJ reader ^.~

Well I have ripped and uploaded the "Kisarazu Cat's Eye world series" movie for my vox-blog friends and thought I could also share those links with you people here. ^.^ 

But I'm sorry, when it comes to ripping films I'm not really talented so the quality of the movie isn't that good. Gomene! ^^;; Demo you can still watch it in full screen. And this movie is also just in Japanese. There are no English subtitles. But I hope maybe there is someone who can make subs for it and will share them with us? Would be really happy ^.^

So here are the MU-links:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13


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Ohno (Kokuritsu)


So there's a million lot of icons in my Arashi folder and they're just piling up. I figured I wouldn't be able to use this many anyway so they're better off floating around other LJers. :) And erm, it's super obvious who my ichiban is, according to the larger number of icons in his section. XDDD I can't help it. I also love textless icons (which are NOT bases). :P And lastly, sorry if I overdid it on the textures, but they're all so colorful! Enjoy~!

[05] Aiba Masaki
[04] Matsumoto Jun
[06] Ohno Satoshi
[05] Sakurai Sho
[24] Ninomiya Kazunari

[02] Aiba x Ohno
[01] Aiba x Nino
[02] Aiba x Sho
[03] MatsuJun x Ohno
[05] MatsuJun x Nino
[07] Sakumiya
[01] Sakuraiba
[06] Ohmiya

- Comments are super if taking any!
- Even better, be my friend if you love me! XD (Just kidding. That's really not a requirement.)
- Credit hakka_candy. x3

( 100x100 ARASHI LOVE )
sho loves me
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JE stores in Bangkok

hello all,

i've been on a hiatus long enough, haha, not dead! just very quiet! XD
anyway.. not sure if this has been asked before, but i'll be on vacation in bangkok next week, was wondering if there's any JE stores there so i can snag some JE stuffs not sold locally (yea like i know any JE stuff sold locally :\ ) please help! thanks!

much love!