September 26th, 2007

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Hey fellow comm members!

I was lucky enough to attend Arashi's TIME Summer Concert last Sunday at Kyocera Dome.
Here's the link for my very humble concert report, if you're interested ^^;;
I apologise for the excessive use of Singlish and poor English; I was already half-dead while posting the entry and I'm too lazy to go through it once more :P heh.

I've got an extra Arashi poster that I would like to sell.

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Prices are negotiable.
I'm hoping to make the price (including shipment) would add up to a whole number, such that there would be no need to deal with small change.
Would really appreciate it if payment can be made in yen. :)
Interested parties, please contact me at

Thanks for reading through this post! :)

Nice na kokoroiki Jazz Version

i heard this song on one site, searched it on google, and found a mediafire link! Just passing the song along, its sung by Nino and sounds cool ^_^

click here

ps dunno who to credit...cuz well...i searched it on google. hmm well i heard the song here thanks to whoever uploaded it originally!

apologies if someone already posted/ i did this wrong =/ please tell me if i did! 

EDIT: thank you tosableheart