September 30th, 2007

Neko; Self-discovery

MatsuJun clippings set for sale.

This set consists of:
- Solo MatsuJun clippings
- Bambino and HanaDan2 reports
- 1 set of ARASHI clippings
- 1 TVixi booklet
- 1 pin-up. 

Everything you see in the preview for US$5 (Not inclusive of postage).

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I have with me a small stack of ARASHI clippings, about 1 magazine thick and all are 2007 mags of around Feb/Mar-Nov. If anyone is interested, please leave a message too and I'll sort them out and provide you with more details. ^^
Ohno (Kokuritsu)

Icons Icons~

I'm back with more lovely Arashi icons! <3 Who can resist? I can't for sure. Haha. Most were made with magazine scans but I've also screencapped a couple of PVs & CMs: Pikanchi Double, Hero, A Day in Our Life, Fight Song, Tongari Corn, Nino's HOUSE Okoge de Soup & Shiratakimen no Soup. :)

- Comments are super if taking any!
- Even better, be my friend if you love me! XD (Just kidding. That's really not a requirement.)
- Credit hakka_candy in the userpics info. x3

Texture Credits:
[IE] Hover over icon.
[Firefox] Right-click on icon> Properties.
If left blank, it means no textures were used. :)

Scan & Texture Credits:

( Jibun no HAATO)
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[Scan] Arashi piano score

I got a hold on a book with many Arashi piano scores, so of course I've scanned it!

  • Typhoon Generation
  • Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru
  • Hitomi no naka no Galaxy
  • Sakura Sake
  • WISH
  • Harukaze Sneaker
  • Kitto Daijoubu
  • Aozora Pedaru
  • Love so sweet
  • We can make it!

*Don't claim as your own
*You're free to post on your site/forum/whatever, no need to ask, just as long as you credit back to my LJ
*Comments are much much rabu <3

( Donna toki mo boku no subete Tabun mada… )

Pillow Talk~

Here is my translation of the Shukudai-kun from 07.09.03, Arashi's group interview in Nov. Popolo and Jun's article in Oct. Duet^^ Matteiru ne!=)

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