October 9th, 2007


Potato November Scans

Hello! I'm the second half of jellyfishsongs, Rei desu. It's my first time posting here, so if I make any mistakes, please do let me know.

Haven't seen the Potato scans around and they happen to be my favourite this month, so just thought i'd share. :) Link takes you to our LJ, and pics are hosted on divshare. Comments are great, because Natsumi and I are not-so-secret narcissists ^.^;;

This way please!
Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

Jellyfish #2, Rei.
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Deal ;)


We're ([info]dluis and [info]adengbx) currently looking for someone who is interested in this deal,
Whereby either one of us will buy the JE magazines monthly, and we'll sell to each other the clippings of the band of your choice!

So it's like, dluis gets the NEWS clippings and adengbx gets the KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! clippings.
And we're currently looking for a Arashi, Kinki kids and Kanjani 8, Golf and Mike and SMAP! fan who is interested in this deal :)
As for those bands (e.g. golf and mike & SMAP!) that dont really appear on every magazine, we'll inform you when they do have pages of them!

Is there such a person out there?
Best if you're located in Singapore, so that we don't have to ship the things and it will be much cheaper :D
You can email either one of us at:

tottopop@gmail.com (dluis) or adengbx@hotmail.com (adengbx)
So email anyone of us if you would like to make the deal ;D

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[Request] Nino Solo

Hi, I have a request.
I'd like to ask if anyone has the song Konseki (or was it Koseki? lol) by Nino.
It'd be greatly appreciated :D
thanks in advance =)
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[SALE] Arashi Around Asia + in Dome Special Package (First Press Limited Edition)

I have ordered the Arashi Around Asia + in Dome Special Package (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version) DVD from YesAsia and have no decided that I don't want it anymore. However, part of the shipment has already shipped so they won't let me remove it from my order.

So, if anyone within Europe is interested in a new, sealed copy of the new concert DVD when it arrives, then you can let me know. Obviously, it's not here yet but I would like to get it sorted ASAP when it arrives because I might be leaving the country for a year abroad and want to get it sorted beforehand :)

When replying, screen your comment and leave a contactable e-mail address so that it's easier to communicate.

I'm cross posting, so it'll be a first come, first serve deal :) Thanks.