October 10th, 2007

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[Sharing] Stand Up! Episode 8

Hey guys! My name is Arlet. :D I've been a lurker here because I don't really have much to share that people don't already have. BUT! I have stuff now!! (and hopefully more in the near future. :D)

Anyway, I'm here sharing Episode 8 of the drama Stand Up! that Nino stars in. :D I orginally uploaded it for a friend who couldn't use torrents or MegaUpload so I provided a mirror on MediaFire. I hope this is OK since I couldn't get a hold of the people at Nya! Fansubs to see if this is OK to share. So if any one from Nya! sees this & wants me to take it down, I can. Just let me know!

With that being said on to the downloads!

Stand Up! Episode 8 Nya! Fansubs - Hardsubs
File Size: 501 MB
Time: 46:05
*sorry! No screen caps! ^^;*

If you CAN download from MegaUpload, please go to Nya Fansubs forum to download the file. :D Please support the provider. The files are split into 3 parts of 200-ish MB.

If you can't download from MegaUpload or Torrents, I got MediaFire files for ya.
They are split into 6 parts; the first 5 are 100MB each. The last one is only 1.05MB.
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Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5||Part 6


If any of the links don't work, let me know. I'll try & fix them.

Comments are <33 too. ^_^

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[Scans] November Potato and Wink Up

Hey all, it's me again! I'm finally getting the chance to actually CONTRIBUTE something! Can I get a "whoohoo"? I just acquired the November issues of Potato and Wink Up, and am posting them here for your viewing pleasure. I hope this works as I've never posted to a community before, and I've only used filesharing programs once before. So...please tell me if I've done something wrong.

Potato Preview:


Wink Up Preview:


Credit isn't necessary (I don't know what I'd do with the knowledge), but it would be really nice if I got comments! I'm sorry if some of the scans turned out a little slanted, as I'm also relatively green in that aspect.

EDIT: Ack, I just realized that someone already posted the November Potato. Should I take those scans down? Ah well...