October 20th, 2007

Ohno n Sho

Song for Arashi fans - Rising Sun of Storm

Okay so I wrote this song some time ago, just haven't got the time to record the full song. Yeah I wrote this, music & lyrics, go on and laugh XD
Just wanted to create a song meant for Arashi fans, whom (plural) I call 旭 Asahi - rising sun, it's actually my name lol. So here's this song Arashi no Asahi. It's written in English, and the only Japanese parts are those taken from A.Ra.Shi's rap, and "Arashi ga yatte kuru". I am painfully aware that I suck at singing fast songs, and not to mention, rapping T.T it's just a demo, so bear with me okay?
I persoanally like the chorus, the "It's a storm struck down" part^^. I hope you guys can share your thoughts with me, cause I'm actually planning to arrange this song properly and record it in a studio, you know plus mixing and stuffs XD
Please at least listen to this song once, thoroughly; and if possible, comment^^
Thank you *bows*

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Official Photobooks?

Hi all,

I'm a recent lurker and rather new convert to Arashi-ism. I was wondering, other than the AAA Live Photobook and the Kiiroi Namida Photobook, what other official photobooks has Arashi (as a group) released? (I specify "as a group" because I'm not really looking for the individual ones like Matsujun's BokuImo movie Photobook.)

Thanks for your help!