October 23rd, 2007


Shukudai-kun 22.10.2007 Aiba's Okonomiyaki&Sports (Jun+Ohno)

Hi minna!!

Have you watched the last Shukudai-kun!? It was funny ne... Since GRA wasn't as much fun... well, their smiles eating tuna were so good xD I enjoyed this chapter ^^

A short summary of this Shukudai-kun will be...

☆ Jun DoS to Aiba-chan ^^
☆ Aiba-chan was really adorable!
☆ Aiba-chan cooking Okonomiyaki
☆ Sports with Jun and Ohno
☆ Sho riding a "bike"
☆ Chesto Sakurai returns
☆ and maybe something more xD

So! Enjoy it! I took some screencaps and I cut some parts, you can watch the videos at my Vox.

Okonomiyaki + sports + chesto )
aiba gif

aiba's butai

minna, mitte!! aibaba's new hair do
am gonna ask.. after wasurenai hito...are gonna say bye bye to his perm hair now?

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