October 27th, 2007



I just posted translations of the Shukudai-kun from 07.09.24 with island ball, and Jun's articles in Nov. Wink-Up and Oct. 26th TV Guide:3

Simple is best;)

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Aiba Recomen 26.10.2007

Hi hi minna!!

There is some raki furansu fan that should listen this Aiba's Recomen! ^^ Aiba-chan have read an email from France. I could understand all this part! yokatta ne xD And also for her message to Aiba-chan, he was so surprised and happy ne? ^^ And so, her mother was so kind! I went to his restaurant too! The food was so good too =D I wonder if Aiba-chan had read the messages that we leave in his notebook... He shouldn't be so surprised to have European fans xP

Aiba Recomen 26.10.2007